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Application of innovations for the purpose of high efficiency and progress, in other words, introduction of final result or improved version of human intellectual activity and invention to the community is one of actual trends of our time.

As a product of an aimed, accurate and collective result, innovation is more of practical application, as the scope of the economic development extends, the concept of innovation becomes more significant.

Outdoor advertising is an effective navigation system that informs people on brands, products and service outside and helps them. In this regard, as Adv Production, we focus on developing modern visual information world in which people will feel comfortable.

Making people focus on our customers' advertising is one our goals We always try to benefit from updates and innovations for this goal. We try to integrate into urban environment harmoniously to be as helpful as possible. We want to benefit the city residents and do it in a god manner.

Innovation helps forecasting constantly changing needs, contributing overall design of the city and street furniture as a part of overall urban design - outdoor advertising media to be modern and well-kept.

As Adv Production, we brought roller type advertising devices considered the most modern advertising device to Azerbaijan in 2009 for the first time and established their manufacturing meeting the highest demand in Azerbaijan in 2014. Now roller type devices used by the Company are local products not differing from their German standard analogues and has been serving for customers for many years. Such devices are equipped with special innovative technology and have features like automatically turning on lights in humid weather and minimizing humidity due to the generated heating, as well as automatically keeping the screen on full screen in case of a power outage, automatically re-checking all images when the power is reconnected and continuing broadcasting images in case of no damage.

In displays produced by the Company there is a process of increasing the light transparency in the daytime and decreasing transparency as getting dark to create more effective view and it doesn't discomfort drivers and pedestrians.

Depending on the location and view distance, displays are made in a size of 6-8 or 10 pixels.

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